Before Buying An Electric Car

Considering An Electric Vehicle?

Here's How To Prep Your Home For One

You’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, but now there’s a more fundamental issue to deal with: What will it take, and how much will it cost, to set your home up for an EV? 

Do I Need To Buy A Charger Before I Get An Electric Vehicle?

Probably not. Almost all electric vehicles come with what’s called a Level 1 charger. These chargers plug directly into a standard outlet. But although they require minimal effort and money, they also charge a car’s battery at a very slow rate. You might be able to add more miles of range with an overnight charge, but it will take more than a day to fully charge an empty battery. You also need to make sure that your home’s electrical system can handle the additional burden of charging a car on top of, say, running your air conditioning or using a microwave oven. 

Level 1 vs. Level 2

When you hear about installing an EV charger at a home, those conversations are mostly about Level 2 chargers. Because they’re more powerful, consumers can quickly fill up their battery overnight and get dozens of miles of range added by plugging the car in for just one hour. Level 2 chargers require a dedicated line from your main panel, much bigger different kind of plug and you’ll need to call a licensed electrician to get one set up.

How Do I Know If My Home Can Accommodate An Electric Vehicle?

 As long as you’ve got a driveway, a garage or somewhere else to store your car, you can install an electric vehicle charger. However, some installations are more complicated than others. In general, it is much easier and less expensive if your parking spot is close to your main electrical panel. The other potentially pricey quandary for prospective EV owners is whether your home’s electrical system is equipped to handle the additional load of charging a car. A licensed electrician can help you answer that question.

How Much Does It Cost?

Installation costs vary widely, depending on how complicated the job is. If you had a panel literally right next to where you want to park your car and you’re putting a charger in that’s just a few feet away, that type of installation by a licensed electrician, might generally start at $500, but most installations, end up costing more based on size and distance.  That total will balloon considerably if your electrical panel or underlying electrical service (the amount of electricity that can be supplied to your house by the public utility) needs upgrading.

An EV charging station is basically just a dedicated line of power, and in order to run a dedicated line, your panel has got to be able to support it. If you need a full service upgrade, expect to pay an additional $3,500 to $4,500 on top of the cost of having the EV charger installed. Then, of course, there’s the cost of the charger itself. From there, the options are differentiated by size, charging speed, cord length and whether they connect to WiFi, among other features. Some have hoods or covers to protect them from snow, rain and ice. They can cost between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars. 

Locally owned and operated. Ray, the owner, is a Master Electrician Specializing in Older Homes and High-End Electrical Installations of Panel Upgrades, EV Chargers and Dedicated Lines for more than 32 years.

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How Much Does A 200 Amp Upgrade Cost?

Main Factors

There are a few factors that will determine the cost of the job. The main ones are, location, size of existing panel, the service entrance, and the grounding distance.

What Is Included?

In most jobs the work includes: removal of the existing panel, replacing the service entrance, installation of the new panel, new set of circuit breakers and new grounding.

Average Cost

Generally Speaking, The Average Cost to Upgrade Most Electrical Panels is Somewhere Between $3,500 – $4,500, Including All Materials and Labor. We have a Cost Calculator to help you get an approximate price. 

How Can I Get A Quote?

The best and fastest way to get a quote is by scheduling a virtual visit. We get together on a quick video phone call and ask you to show us the existing panel. In Most cases we can provide you with an accurate quote the same day.

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C&S Electric Co is locally owned and operated. The owner, Ray, is a Licensed Electrical Contractor Specializing in Panel Upgrades and Older Homes High-End Electrical Installations for more than 32 years.


Ray is a Master Electrician with a wide range of knowledge   (Associate’s Degree – Electrical Engineering). He personally meets all of his customers for consultation and all the work is performed by him.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Generally Speaking, The Estimated Cost to Upgrade A Residential Main Electrical Panel to a 200 Amp is Somewhere Between $3,500 – $4,500, Including All Materials and Labor.

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